Solar Reflective Glass

Solar Reflective Glass

Notes:Heat reflective coated glass should be installed with the coating surface indoor and the glass surface outdoor. Protec- tive measures shall be taken to prevent the coating from being scratched if used monolithic.

Solar Reflective Glass is produced by applying a metallic layer onto the glass surface. The process is the so-called magnetically enhanced sputtering under vacuum.

With a mirror-like appearance, it can control visible light transmission and block solar radiation from entering the interior so as to reduce energy consumption of air-conditioning. In addition, it has many color options for modern building design. Its main function is to reduce the glass shading coefficient and restrict direct solar radiation transmission. Heat reflective coating does not reflect far infrared. Therefore, it has very little improvement in U value.

Reflective glass has obvious heatproof ability under strong sunlight in summer,it could reduce solar heat indoor.But in the area without sunlight.such as night or rainy day.its heatproof ability is the same as clear glass.For energy saving,reflective glass is not suitable for cold area,because this area needs much sunlight and heat coming into the door.


1. Effectively restricting the incidence of direct solar radiation and has obvious shading effects;

2. A variety of reflective colors and good aesthetic effects;

3. Hiding interior objects and architectural structures;

4. Desirable visible light transmittance and visible light reflectance;

5. Reduce ultraviolet light transmission;

6. can be curve-tempered without affecting its performance.


Residential and commercial buildings,glazed door,curtain wall,vertical window,partition wall and etc.


Standard Dimensions (mm): 2440x3660mm, 2440x3300mm 

Maximum Dimension (mm): 3300x6000mm

Minimum Dimension (mm): 300 x 300mm

Thickness (mm): 5mm & 6mm (8mm and 10mm is available)


Silver gray,Gray,Blue gray,Blue,Grey Green, Green,Bronze and Gold

Quality Standard

Conforming to GB/T18915.2-2002,Chinese Standard 

Conforming to AS/NZ2208:1996,Australian Standard 

Conforming to ANSI Z97.1-2009,American Standard

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