Heat Soak Glass


Spontaneous breakage is an inherent nature of tempered glass due to volume change occurred during crystal form transformation of nickel sulfide inclusions and other defects present in the glass. Heat-soak test is an effective procedure for bringing about spontaneous breakage before exiting works, thus limiting the possibility of spontaneous breakage after

installation. By placing tempered glass in heat-soak furnace,heating to a desired temperature(290°C±10°C), preserving for enough time and cooling down, the crystal form of nickel sulfide inclusions is stabilized and the internal stress is relaxed to a certain extent. During this process, tempered glass with large enough nickel sulfide inclusions and other defects will be broken by induced extra stresses. As a result, heat-soak treated tempered glass will have a much less likelihood of spontaneous breakage than normal tempered glass.

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