The first successful launch of the glass industry ISO implementation

In November, the first glass industry in China and the first international standard for China's automobile industry --ISO17449: 2015 Test Method for Automotive Electric Heat Glass were promulgated and implemented by China Building Materials Certification & Inspection Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CTC) in November.

The successful release of this standard in order to enhance China's glass international standardization, shaping the good image of China's glass industry has provided a strong support, sounded the Chinese glass industry to enter the international standardization of the horn!

Lead Glass 

After four years of repeated discussions and argumentation, the "Automotive Electric Glass Test Method" was finally approved by the International Organization for Standardization and released for implementation. The standard summarizes and integrates the performance measurement methods of automotive electro-thermal glass in various countries and provides a scientific method for determining the performance of automotive electro-thermal glass through the specification of technical details such as test equipment, test procedures, calculation methods, data processing and the like, The universality of electric glass technology and the application of safe, efficient and stable performance, to achieve a technical international harmonization.

This is of great significance to promoting the overall technical progress in the field of automotive electric heating glass, ensuring the safety of automobile driving, promoting international exchanges and cooperation, and enhancing China's voice and influence in the field of international standardization.