Energy-saving glass is about to lead to the new development of the industry

As the main force to promote the development of the industry, glass enterprises are also constantly seeking technological innovation, and actively expand the energy-saving glass market. Glass industry has fully entered the energy-saving era, energy-saving glass also ushered in the rise of industry. Tempered plastic laminated glass

"On the film, cleaning, drying, on the box, together, inflatable, patch, seal" in Anhui Jing source Glass Co. production workshop, you can see the entire insulating glass production line workflow. Insulating glass is an internationally popular energy-saving building energy-saving product and its energy saving effect is mainly measured by shading coefficient (SC) or solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and heat transfer coefficient (U value). Anhui Jingyuan Glass adheres to the investment in technological innovation and product development, devotes itself to improving the workability of the products and the energy-saving effect of the products, and actively promotes the energy-saving glass products. At present, the company has a combination of the latest coating technology at home and abroad with high-performance high-yielding tempered Low-E coated glass production line, the introduction of the most advanced deep-processing production line. The production of high-end Low-E glass and other energy-saving products are supported by national industrial policies, project construction in line with industry policies, but also in line with the current construction market, a large demand for energy-saving glass. The company is located in:

In recent years, under the joint promotion of the Ministry of Housing and Housing and the German Energy Agency, the road to Chineseization of "passive housing" has become wider and wider. Not only that, the Passive House China Road also brought unprecedented energy-saving market demand.

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With passive follow-up to vigorously promote the energy-saving windows and doors market demand, energy-saving glass will bring new opportunities for development. As we all know, passive housing market demand is huge, the higher the performance requirements of building materials, especially glass. Traditional monolithic glass, ordinary double insulating glass, because of its high heat transfer coefficient, poor insulation effect, can no longer meet the requirements of passive housing. Therefore, glass has become one of the key nodes in passive house design. For passive room, air tightness is the key to its low energy consumption, and closely related to the number of tight doors and windows. This brings good news to energy-saving glass manufacturers. Passive room on the profile of high quality, through the market for the survival of the fittest products, christian louboutin pas cher, which will help eliminate low-priced low-quality products, standardize the development of the industry, but also for the production of high-quality profiles provide a good opportunity for development. In response, insiders said that at present, domestic glass manufacturers can provide glass products conforming to the standard of "Passive and Low-Energy Building Transparent Glass", so the development of passive low-energy buildings will bring opportunities and help to the domestic glass enterprises. The entire glass industry innovation and development.