Toughened glass scratches how to do

Now a lot of construction and home decoration using tempered glass, to become a charming scenery. However, it has to be acknowledged that how to deal with scratches on tempered laminated glass is a slightly tricky issue. The next will be about the treatment of toughened glass scratches and methods of operation, we come together to learn it.

Repair principle

First grinding, polishing after. The specific explanation is: For more serious scratches, first with a larger particle size (35μ) grinding lap, first scratched off, and then use the fine grinding tablets (20μ, 10μ, 5μ) in turn fine Grinding, and then polished with pure wool polishing pad and polishing paste, polishing the polishing area, the glass scratch repair is over. Local, small-scale repair can save costs and time, but the repair effect is not good; the repair area to expand, you can get a good repair, but will increase the cost and time to repair. Please select the appropriate repair method according to the actual ideal target.

Precautions before repair

1, in the process of scratch repair, due to the continuous friction between the polishing pad, polishing disc and the glass, the glass will continue to heat up, so pay close attention to the temperature of the repair glass in the repair process. If it is over heated, it may cause the glass to burst. Simple way to judge: often feel the temperature of the glass with the hand repair, some warmth is within the normal range, if you feel hot, you need to immediately stop working to flush or naturally cool the way until the temperature Lower it and start again.

2, in the process of scratch repair, there must be a continuous flow of water. The role of water is:

a, the grinding of the glass powder washed away.

b, improve the shear force when grinding.

c, for the glass cooling.

3, scratch repair process is part of the grinding using graded fine grinding method to complete. The abrasive particles or ground glass powder left over from the previous stage of grinding process, if not cleaned in time, may cause new scratches during the next stage of grinding. This new scratch, It is not easy to find during the operation and will not be found until the last polishing step, which will seriously affect the repair effect or reduce the repair efficiency. Therefore, the operation of the cleaning work is very necessary.

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Scratch repair steps

1, determine the location of scratches:

After determining the location of scratches, thoroughly clean the entire surface of the glass with plenty of water and paper towels, preferably marked on the back of the glass.

2, determine the degree of scratches the standard glass and grinding tablets repair combination:

a, deep scratches: can see, finger belly can feel the scratches.

Repair combination: you can use the green, pink, blue, orange grinding tablets for grinding, then polishing.

b, moderate scratch: can see, finger belly can not feel, can only use fingernails feel scratches.

Repair combination: you can use the pink, blue, orange abrasive polishing, and finally polished.

c, mild scratches: can see, but fingernails do not feel scratches.

Repair combination: You can use the blue, orange abrasive polishing, and finally polished.

d, hair way: can be seen from a special point of view, the scratch can not touch the hand.

Repair combination: Grind with an orange abrasive sheet, then polish; or directly polish.